Friday, 20 February 2015

The Soundtrack to My Life!

So I saw this tag on my gorgeous friend Kayliegh's blog a few weeks back and I'm having awful writers block at the moment, so I'm gonna pretend I was tagged and give this a lash. Be prepared...

Song You Listen To When You're Happy: 
When I'm happy I love to listen to really stonkinly good rock anthems. I want to boost my good mood even further, so I go for something like this: The Darkness; Everybody Have A Good Time

Song You Listen to When You're Sad:

James Blunt is a number one pick for Sad Amy. especially Same Mistake. 

Song You Want Played At Your Wedding: 

Call me an old romantic, but I want to have the first song Chris ever dedicated to me played at my wedding which was Lullaby by The Spill Canvas 

Song You Dance Around The House To: 

You guys know I'm a Zumba nut, so I've chosen a bit of a strange one for this. I cannot stop myself dancing around my house to Major Lazer, Watch Out For This, it just compels me to crack out my best Zumba moves! 

Song You Play in Headphones When Out And About:

Don't judge me for this, but I've an obsession with rappers that bring Miley Cyrus in on projects. She's woeful these days, but when she collaborates with the likes of Will.I.Am, she's untouched. Here's "Feeling Myself"

Song You Listen To When You're Angry:

This song, Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons is my ultimate angry running song. When I need peace on the road, this is what I pick!

Song that Makes You Lose Your Shit At A Party

I'mmmmm sooooo fancaaaaaayyyyy!!!!! If this comes on when I'm out, you best beieve I'm going to belt this out at top volume!! 

Last Song You Listened To

What an absolute TUNE!!! I'm All About It, "it" being this song by Hoodie Allen!! 

Song You Want To See Live: 

Another pick from The Darkness... Yes, I know, they have been a favourite of mine for over a decade, sue me!! I've never seen the Darkness live, but soon, on March 7th no less, I'll be seeing them in The Spirit Store Dundalk for the first time ever, in a venue for 100 people. Eeeek!!! If they play this, I will cry; With A Woman. 

Your Karaoke Song?

Contrary to the advice circulated by the Spice Girls, if you Wannabe my lover, kindly do NOT get with my friends!! 

Song You Work Out To: 

This is a pure, unadulterated LEG DAY tune! Whether it's a run, or its a few rounds of the leg press. here you have: Jason Derulo's Wiggle 

Song With Most Memories Attached: 

How many summer shoots were spent making Safety Dance references, I wonder?? Men Without Hats, what a great, under-appreciated band!!

Song That Makes You Cry: 

If I'm upset, I've an awful habit of worsening the situation with music. Usually Iris bt The Goo Goo Dolls gets me pretty messed up. 

Guilty Pleasure Song

My gorgeous friend Kerrie and I have a bit of an in-joke surrounding this song, and as such when I hear it I always text her or Facebook message her with the lyrics!! Dont You Want Me by The Human League

Favourite Song From a Musical

If you haven't got this movie in your top five, we cant be friends anymore... Professional Pirate from Muppets Treasure Island 

Song By An Irish Artist

Ooooh Hozier, be still my beating heart!!! Angel of Small Death In The Codeine Scene, what a cracker of a tune!!! 

Song Played on An Instrument

You Can Call Me Al, covered by any jazz group, Oh my god. Perfection. 

Song You Hate

I fucking despise The Script, this is just one song by them that I despise!!! 

Favourite Song Of All Time 

Venus Doom by HIM. This song is the title track off the album of the same name, which I have tattooed on my left leg. I've linked the full album for you, because it's a whole story in musical form.

Maybe you've gotten to know me better, I don't know. hopefully some of this music explains my very strange personality better, at least!! 

I TAG YOU!!!!!