Monday, 2 March 2015

Bringing Speccy Back!

Glasses Shopping. Possibly one of my favourite activities, and yet the most infuriating too. I adore glasses. I've been wearing glasses since I was 10, and to be honest, I don't think I would ever feel the need to get laser eye surgery. Without glasses, I feel like my face would be missing part of itself. 

Every two years I get to go to my optician, have my vision re-tested and then they set me loose in the store. Without fail this process takes upwards of an hour. I can't just choose!!! I try on everything that takes my fancy and debate the pros and cons with Michelle, my gorgeous friend who is also the manager of the local spec-emporium. I narrow down the selection to 6 of 8 pairs and then we get into the fine details- width, depth, colour, shape, thickness, add-ons. It's a hard decision, glasses are expensive and they're on your face for the major part of two years before you get to choose a new pair. 

That's where Specs Post come in! They got in touch a few weeks back and were kind enough to let me pick out four frames to trial at home and tell you guys all about the process. 

First up, let me tell you that they have an absolutely incredible selection to choose from and they provide the measurements for each frame in every listing. That means, if you have a pair of specs that fit your face well at the moment, you can find out the measurement and that will help you pick from Specs Posts' vast array. Also, if you know you don't like nose-pads, or metal frames or anything like that, you can refine the selection to show only what you like to wear. Personally I like thick frames with no nose-pads, so that was what I filtered out of the search, which helped me immeasurably. 

After hours, yes, hours (!) on the Specs Post website, countless tabs and more than 3 different Facebook chat windows, WhatsApping Tash and generally trying to figure out what I wanted, I went for these four pairs...
Top to Bottom: Colour Collection Clear Pink
Alexa Chung;
Ruby and Rose Kitsch,
Park Lane

 When they arrived, I immediately tried on and vetoed the Colour Collection Clear Pink frames, purely because they did not suit my colouring. The pale pink made me look a bit funny, so they were out. I think they would look amazing on darker skinned ladies. 

Ruby and Rose
So that left Alexa Chung, Ruby & Rose, and Park Lane to choose from. I have drafted in opinions from everyone I know, from Chris and Dec and Nick for a male perspective, to Michelle who knows more about glasses than I ever will, my (blunt as a two-by-four) mother, and now I'm asking you guys! As you can see, I am a bit of a creature of habit, with 3 pairs all quite similar in shape but not in colour. 

Alexa Chung

Park Lane

So now I put it to you all. Which ones do I keep??? 

Be blunt!