Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Recharging With Lush

Sometimes I've got to recharge my batteries as it were, and when I need that, I'm inclined to have a pamper day. Lately I have been loving Lush for just such an occasion.

This time around I am going to walk you through my Lush Recharge Routine...

First up I splash my face with warm water and slightly pat my skin so its damp but not dry. I take a Lush Face Mask of choice, usually Mask Of Magnaminty or Cupcake and apply it liberally, swiftly followed by a hair treatment, such as Hsuan Wen Hua... When the mask has dried, I rinse it off with warm water in the shower and lightly exfoliate with one side of my Nima Mitt and then shampoo my Hsuan Wen Hua treatment out...

Once all the residue has been rinsed away, I take a small dab of Ultrabland and work it into my skin in soft circular sweeps and over my eyes and lashes. Once I have worked it into my skin, I take the other side of my Nima Mitt and wipe the residue off.

Using a clean towel, I pat my face dry and take Enzymion, an oil control moisturiser and work a small dab over my skin.

Finally I use my Mint Julips lip scrub and a really hydrating lipbalm to make my lips as... lush (!) as the rest of my face and noggin!!

What do you think of my Lush routine?
Have you any recommendations for face masks I should try in future?

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