Wednesday, 6 May 2015

50 Facts About Me TAG

Hey There Folks,

So it's been a very long time since I posted anything personal on this blog, and in all honesty, that was what this blog was created for in the very beginning. So, since the GORGEOUS Aoife over at Rockette Queen has tagged me, I'm going to share 50 Facts About Me. 

  1. My name is Amy Catherine, supposedly because the initials "A.C" mirror the initials of my father's favourite football team, AC Milan.
  2. For years I dyed my hair because I hated being different. Now I have my natural hair back and I realise that being red is who I am. I will never again see myself as different, I am unique.
  3. I've been on a huge "Life Clearout" lately – not just physically cleaning out the clutter but severing ties with toxic people… Honestly it has been such a liberating experience. My circle of friends is tighter than it has ever been and I am happier than I have ever been.
  4. I am deathly afraid of moths, butterflies, flies… Any insects really. They terrify me to my very bones.
  5. My favourite band is HIM, a Finnish band with their very own genre – Love Metal. They saved my life, made sense of my world and even to this day, as a 23 year old fully grown female adult human, I have a huge poster of the frontman Ville Valo on my wall.
  6. I love to call people by pet names, such as gorgeous, darling, my love etc. I do it because I always want to show people love and affection – in my eyes, it can make a persons day to know that they are appreciated and thought of with warmth and love.
  7. If I could make a career out of worrying about people, you better believe I would be the best in the business! I literally never stop worrying about the people in my life – even if they don't know it.
  8. I used to loathe wearing colours, and was almost always seen in black; Now I'm all about colours!!
  9. My favourite item of clothing is my Doctor Who Fourth Doctor scarf that my mother knitted me for my birthday last year. I wear it almost every day!!
  10. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. The only thing I am sure of is that I want to help people.
  11. I don't have a set style. I just wear what I love.
  12. I would love to branch out into OOTD posts, but I don't regularly buy clothes, and I'm not very fashionable so I'm afraid to make that move.
  13. My favourite place in the world is Cork City. The people, the place, the food, the whole thing. I am always so excited to go to Cork, and so sad to leave it.
  14. Give me a caramel coffee frappucino from Starbucks, and I will love you forever. Mmmmmmmmmmyum!!
  15. My favourite lipsticks are: 01 from the RimmelxKate line, Shame by Urban Decay, Faux by MAC, NYC Blue Rose.
  16. I've been sitting here since 3.30pm and it's now 5.20pm and I am having the hardest time thinking of facts…so theres that.
  17. I'm a size UK6, but I eat like a horse and I have no idea how I stay thin…
  18. I am all about Pretty Little Liars, and I've got Andrew on the top of my "A List".
  19. Even though I am a 23 year old "grown up" I love YA literature. I pretty much died of cuteness reading Anna and The French Kiss…
  20. Despite my love for YA Fiction, I read a lot of heavy complex stuff… Game Of Thrones, Anna Karenina, Poe…
  21. I have 6 tattoos, and technically 5 piercings, but I only have one piercing in, and that one is my conch ring.
  22. Up until my last tattoo I used to alternate the sides of my body that got inked each time – right wrist, left shoulder, right side, left leg, right arm.
  23. I'm the proud owner of a selfie stick. No shame, not sorry!!!
  24. I've never had my own birthday cake. If anyone ever gave me my very own birthday cake I would probably break down in tears.
  25. I may be a beauty blogger, but I don't wear make-up every day. Effort!!!
  26. All this "I" and "my" oriented writing makes me uncomfortable.
  27. I suffer from night-blindness, which isn't rare, but I've the unique situation of only having the condition in my left eye. Once it goes to twilight/lamplight, I am down to one eye. It affects my depth perception and that's why I am always covered in bruises. I'm not clumsy during the day, I swear!!!
  28. I let myself get taken advantage of, and then when I realise it, I wind up upsetting people because I pull back harshly.
  29. It takes me ages to get ready for an event. For the Sleek event it took me two hours to put my face on.
  30. I love popping spots and blackheads. It's disgusting but I just love doing it!!! Don't judge me!
  31. I find it very hard to hold back when I love people. I want to show everyone I love how much I love them all the time.
  32. I've become a bit addicted to Lush. Seriously, I need to just move my bedroom to a Lush store!!!
  33. At the moment, I'm trying to save up to buy a DSLR so I can up my blogging game. I think I could do so much more with a great camera- plus is I had one with a remote shutter I could use it to shoot OOTD's if I ever got brave enough to try.
  34. My favourite breakfast food is Eggs Benedict. It is the reason I could never be Vegan.
  35. I consider my diet as "flexible". Some days I eat Vegan, other days I'm all about fillet steak and potato gratin.
  36. Some of my favourite YouTube personalities are Shona (EllieJayden), Bunny (Grav3yardGirl), Kiera Rose (Scarlet Saint), Louna (LounaTuna), my good friend Kayliegh (KaylieghLand), Clara (Claraification), Kayleigh B (KayleighKill) and Clare Cullen (Clisare). I'm also a little bit in love with Nicole Guerriero, Gigi Gorgeous, Emma Pickles, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Lindsey Hughes.
  37. If I only had to eat one "type" of food for the rest of my life, Mexican would be it! Mmmmm burritos, fajitas, coriander galore. YAS!!!!
  38. I love hats with wide brims, but I cannot make them work for me. I think my head is gimpy!!!
  39. When certain things match, like the wings of my eyeliner, my furniture, my finger and toenail polish, it makes my heart happy. However, I don't like everything to match. Case in point: all my bedroom furniture is pine, but nothing else matches. I have two purple walls, one red wall and one green wall, my curtains are cream and my duvet cover is black. I hate when mugs match, so I collect nerdy mugs. In fact, in life, my theme is "unmatching".
  40. Some of my favourite clothing items have come from charity shops. Rooting around charity and vintage shops is one of my favourite things to do.
  41. I used to briefly work for a photographer, and as a result I have a modelling portfolio. I don't know if I'm brave enough to send it to agencies no matter how much I would love to.
  42. Saying "no" to people is something I struggle really hard to do. When I do say no, I have a hard time making it not sound rude.
  43. I waited 12 years to see The Darkness play live, and when I finally got to see them, it was in a venue for 150 people, and I was at the front of the stage. My friend William got the ticket for me for my birthday and made sure Justin Hawkins knew not only my name but that it was my birthday… That was literally the greatest experience of my life and I am still not over it.
  44. Even though I want everyone to be okay, I am so uncomfortable with people crying. I kind of go into "Sheldon Cooper Mode" and am bereft of good things to say.
  45. I can't swim. My mother got me lessons every year as a kid, and my boyfriend tried to teach me a couple of years ago, but I just am inept at treading water.
  46. I hate when people speak to me when they are wearing mirror finish sunglasses. I don't know why but it bothers the sh1t out of me!!!
  47. My childhood bear still comes with me on long journeys and when I have to stay away from home.
  48. I find it hard to take people seriously if they have bad eyebrows.
  49. I am deathly afraid of being overweight. And yes, I know it's not PC to say that, but it's the truth and it's a fact.
  50. My greatest insecurity is not my weight, or my body, it's my teeth. I would give anything to have a Hollywood smile.

Wow. That took so long!!! Hopefully you were not bored to death, and maybe you got to know me a bit better!

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