Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Shemazing Soltan Face*

As a ginger lady, I have a plethora of SPF products in my possession. I even have specialised tattoo sun care. I am that paranoid, yes!

I had not been that familiar with Soltan, I mean, yes, I knew of the brand having seen it in Boots a good few times, but I never opted for it. I really don't know why, because I try to use SPF in some form all year round. Either in my foundation or my skincare. It's better than being a leather handbag when I'm 40! Honestly, I find it baffling why people don't look after their skin, even if "it's only Ireland".

Anyways, less of my ranting! I'm going to give you my thoughts on what I thought of the three Soltan Face Suncare Creams I was kindly sent by Shemazing and Soltan - the Dry Touch Face, BB Face and Sensitive Face.

BB Face:

The BB Face Cream I was sent was Light Medium, and it was the first time a BB Cream that said "light medium" was actually light enough for me! So that was an immediate point in its favor! I applied it to my skin, gently rubbed it in and it absorbed in less than two minutes - very impressive! Now, I almost always use BB Cream as an under my foundation "perfecting" step, but this one got to stand alone a few times. My skin felt matte, yet looked radiant. It didn't seem to oxidise on my skin, which I was delighted with, as that does happen with some BB's.

BB Face has the highest SPF at Factor 50, and I felt protected from the sun for most of the day!

Sensitive Face:

I trialled this for the longest, because I have incredibly sensitive skin, and I figured that it would be the one people would want to know most about.

First of all, the cream has no strong scent or pigment, it's marked as hypoallergenic which is wonderful, and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on my skin. I find it a wee bit shiny, but in a similar vein to the BB Face, it's a radiant glow, not a greaseball thing. It didn't beak me out, it didn't make me come up in any irritated redness or anything like that at all, like I have had with some other brands of suncream.

Sensitive Face has an SPF of 30. I felt protected but still freckled which I like. That might not be your thing, but I really enjoyed it.

Dry Touch Face

I have to admit, I was a fair bit sceptical on this one. Non Greasy Sun Cream? Yeah, right! But actually I found it really good! If you were having a good skin day, and you just wanted a matte, protective base, Dry Touch Face is your only man! I think this particular sun cream is best suited to a no makeup day, where you want to look matte and perfected, maybe just with groomed brows and some mascara. Add a slick of a tinted lip balm and you're away! Protected and fabulous!

Dry Touch Face has an SPF of 30.

Overall, I thought the entire Soltan Range was very impressive, even managing to dispel some preconceived thoughts when it came to the BB and Dry Touch. I was delighted to find that the entire range was suitable for my skin, and worked well under makeup.

Will you be trying Soltan?
Let me know! 

xo, Amy

Soltan and Shemazing kindly sent me these 3 samples for review. I am not being paid for or swayed in my opinions by either party. All thoughts are my own, and my words are my own, also! xx