Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Book Lovers TAG

Hi all! I'm coming to you today with the Book Lovers Tag!! I found the questions on Google, and I thought it would be a fun post for you all! I am going to answer the questions and then tag some lovely bloggers at the end to take up the gauntlet I'll be throwing down!! 

Do you have a specific place for reading?
Not really, I like to read in bed, and I like to read when I'm travelling. A long bus or train journey is probably my most productive reading time, but I can read anywhere. 

Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Preferably a bookmark, however, I have been known to use just about anything to mark my place in a book - from a piece of paper taken from a chewing gum packet, to a hair bobbin, to my phone if things are really bleak! 

Can you stop anywhere in a book or do you have to finish the chapter?
Generally, I can stop almost anywhere. I prefer to finish chapters, but I can stop and start as the need arises. It's usually between paragraphs, if I can help it. I wont continue beyond a paragraph if I wont be able to finish the next one. 

Music or TV while reading?
I can read with anything in the background, I just tune out. I like to have a record playing if I can, but any background noise will do. I guess that is because of my fear of silence. 

Do you eat or drink while reading?
Nothing beats a good book, a slice of cake and a hot cup of tea. I sometimes go to cafes alone to read and eat breakfast. 

One book at a time or several?
Usually several. I have a lot of books in various degrees of "in progress" but I have to admit that I'm more than a bit obsessed with biograhies and I like to read those one at a time so as not to confuse myself. Currently I'm reading "Chase Your Shadow" The Trials of Oscar Pistorious. It's gripping reading, and I don't want it to end, though it will soon, because I'm almost finished it!! 

Reading at home or elsewhere?
Anywhere at all! I don't mind! I like to read, I'm not fussy on the location. 

Read out loud or silently?  
Silently. Though I do read aloud when it's asked of me. 

Do you read ahead or skip pages?
Christ, no! I read the whole book in the right order. I'll skip bits if I'm rereading, but not the first time round. 

Breaking the Spine or keeping it like new?
Broken spine, well worn in, mmmm!!! 

Do you write in your books?
Nope, and I think anyone who does is committing a mortal sin! 

Now for the tagging, my favorite part!

I tag, Kayliegh, Aoife, Chloe, and Colette!!

I hope you liked this tag, let me know some of your favorite books in the comments!!