Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Strange Style #1

Hi all!!

I am not a fashion blogger, we all know that much! I have posted OOTDs and I do occasionally compile wishlists which have clothing items in them, but for the majority, I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger, and that's all!

However, there's something I do, which I'm sure you all do, too, and that is to have a mental list of things you want to buy for outfits you want to put together. And I have been slowly compiling those items. So, I'm going to start posting Strange Style pieces from time to time, and show you outfits I'm dying to try to emulate, in some form or other.

I have always, always, always had a place in my heart for the movie Dirty Dancing, and for the late, great Patrick Swayze. Swayze as Johnny Castle....YAS HUNTY!!! But I want to show some fabulous androgynous outfits inspired by Swayzes incredible character, Castle. So, with my two inspiration images below, I am going to run you through how I would make these work for the ladies!

Credit: adekucim.site50.net


So as you can see above, this outfit is missing the white blouse, as you can use any white blouse you have, tucked into a pair of high waisted jeans, roll up the sleeves and leave it unbuttoned to give a peek of the lace bralette. Pair this with black pointed boots, and you're done! 

Credit: www.sankles.com


For this next outfit, I'm taking inspiration from the scene where Johnny takes Baby to the forest to learn about balance in the lift she has to do for the final dance... Again, high waisted jeans, and a black blouse tucked in, with the collar unbuttoned is the groundwork for this outfit. Throw a leather jacket over the top, pair with some pointed boots as before, and you're golden, my darling!

What do you think of Patrick Swayze's character in Dirty Dancing?