Friday, 29 April 2016

Nivea Creme Care* Range Review

A few weeks back I was sent some products from the Nivea Creme Care range. Now, as I'm sure you all know, I am a massive Nivea fan, with over half of my products bearing the name. I have to say, this brand ticks all the boxes for me, from the price point, to the packaging, to the great job they do!

First up, I've got the Creme Care Cleansing Milk, which happened to arrive onto my desk at the opportune moment, since I've not yet managed to repurchase my staple 2 in 1 Cleanser And Toner. This cleansing milk is similar in consistency to the 2 in 1, and it smells similar too, but that's where it ends. This cleansing milk has left my skin feeling softer and more nourished. I follow up with the Daily Essentials Toner that I have as back up.

I found my skin feels more plump and looks nicer too, so much so that I've been heading out without makeup more often than not. On the days where I do wear makeup, I use this beforehand as a quick prep to remove any residue or build up from my skin, followed by moisturizer and my full makeup application.

In the evenings I take the bulk of my makeup off with a wipe, and some eye makeup remover for the sensitive eye contour area, and then follow up with Creme Care Cleansing Wash, which I was also very kindly gifted! I find the Creme Care Cleansing Wash incredibly gentle, but cleanses deeply enough that you feel a notable difference after a few uses. I take a little dab, maybe the size of a 20c coin or so on wet hands, and massage it into my skin, then I take a damp facecloth and rub my face in circular motions to thoroughly work the product into the skin. I rinse my face with warm water and pat my skin dry with a clean towel.

I'm really enjoying this range. it's cleansing and softening and makes my skin feel great both before and after makeup!

Have you any Nivea Skincare recommendations for me?


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Oldie But A Goodie #4

Lets take things down a notch or two this week... Have a bit of a ballad from System Of A Down. This song just, ugh it's great! At first it seems kind of depressing and maudlin, but then that last line.... Anyone who has struggles will know and understand.

SOAD were a staple band in my life about seven or eight years back, and somehow they just faded from my life... I was so glad to rediscover them and this was one of my favorites from the album, Hypnotize.

So here it is... Lonely Day

I really think this song is just so powerful in its simplicity. If you like rock ballads, this is for you. 

Tell me your favorite rock ballads in the comments, folks! 


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Oldie But A Goodie #5

This literally just came up in a YouTube shuffle playlist, and I had to give honorable mentions to this song, and this band along with it. I have to lay it on the line though, I haven't heard a lot of Paramore or new stuff, it's just passed me by somehow...

I was a little bit in love with Hayley Williams back in the day, and this song just reminds me with as much passion now as it did then, of why I loved her so! I saw Paramore years back and somehow despite the experience being tainted by my very first panic attack, it was still a show I remember fondly...

This song just reminds me of how it felt to realize that changing isn't a bad thing and leaving "friends" behind that don't approve of that change behind is sometimes a good thing. It also reminds me of breaking up with my first boyfriend, cutting my hair and realizing that nobody has the right to dictate to me who I am or ought to be.

Top Lyric: "This is the best thing that could've happened, any longer, and I wouldn't have made it..."

Anyways, I apologize for the overshare, but I hope you enjoyed this weeks Oldie But A Goodie! If you have any suggestions, do please let me know! 


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter

Today, I'm gonna just wax lyrical for a bit about the Revolution Baked Vivid Highlighter in the shade Peach Lights. It's a very shimmery, beautiful highlight with a neutral pigmentation to it, not too pink, not too golden, which is perfect for my fellow Pale Princesses out there!

I picked this up a fortnight or so ago in my local pharmacy, for €3.95. Yep, you see where that decimal point is? It's in the right place, friend!

I admit that at first I was a bit deflated by it because I thought it wasn't that great. That's until I got the top layer off the product. Basically I swirled a "fluffy" brush over it for a couple of minutes, til I wore the baked top off it. Until I did this, there was no product on the bristles of my brush, there was no highlight on my cheekbones,and  a bad time was had.

Now that I've got this issue resolved, let me just sing from the mountain tops how unbelievably incredible this highlight is! It's so shimmery, when you apply it you suddenly become a sculpted, gloriously lit supermodel. How can one little pan of iridescent powder be so magical? I apply it with a tapered Blank Canvas F15 brush, and honestly, it's my favorite part of my makeup routine!

With change from a fiver, I have to tell you, even though you have to work to get the product to show it's full potential, it's so worth it! I am completely in love, it's such a bargain and it makes you look radiant, sculpted and incredible.

You can find Revolution HERE and I apologize in advance for your bank account hating the two of us... 


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Oldie But A Goodie #3

If you know me even in the most passing manner, you'll know my deep love for the Finnish band HIM. I've two HIM tattoos, such is my love for them. They saved my life. Your friendly redheaded blogger here, was a deeply unhappy teenager, and this band eased that. 

I'm delving into the archives here, for the first ever HIM song I heard, which I fell in love with. I still remember asking my friend Emma to burn me a CD of HIM songs, and when she handed it to me in school I was absolutely ecstatic. It went on my iPod immediately and is probably still there if I'm honest. 

I give you that song... Wings Of A Butterfly.

I don't have a top lyric for this song for a couple of reasons. One, it's a very simple song, very melodic. It's also such a meaningful song for me that I want it to stand on it's own. 

Have you any songs which have a deep meaning for you personally? Feel free to share if you want!


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Oldie But A Goodie #2

I'm going to apologize now, because I know even as I write this, most weeks, this is going to be a post of relatively heavy rock music. I am aware I am going to alienate a lot of readers, but I can't help myself, this is so fun for me, rediscovering bands I had forgotten about. Like this one....

Some weeks back I was in Tower Records with Dex, and he mentioned Stone Sour, after confusing them with another band, and since then I'm rediscovering them in a big way. Stone Sour are a side project of Slipknot, which were one of my favorite bands, back in the day... Not so much now.

I give you.... 30/30-150

Top Lyric: "I don't wanna have it all, I just wanna have enough...."

I can't believe I forgot about this band, honestly, they're great. I've been listening back and recalling some great memories, which I think is what I want this segment to be about. 

Happy Listening, 


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Pixie Cut TAG

Since I got my hair cut last week, I've been obsessed with it. I cant believe it took me so long to go back to the short hair I've had twice before!! I found this tag and I thought it was funny so I'm going to do it for you today, and who knows, maybe it will inspire you to take the plunge if you've been thinking about it! 

Here we go...

1. When and why did you first start thinking about getting a pixie cut? 

I first thought about getting my hair cut this time around for a few weeks. I've previously had my hair cut really short two times before this and I never enjoyed it because it was never cut in a way that complimented my face shape and personal style! This time around I researched cuts for my face shape for a while beforehand. 

2. When did you first cut your hair short? 

First time ever? Just before Indoor Nationals about 4 or 5 years back. 

3. How did you feel when you were sitting in the chair for that first time? 

I was really excited. This time around, it felt charged with ownership, I felt empowered and sassy and when I was done I felt more like me than I have in a long time. 

4. How did your friends and family react to your pixie cut? 

It has gotten nothing but compliments, people who have told me I look really well. I have also been told that it looks "right" on me, like I should have had this cut all the time. 

5. Who was your inspiration for a pixie cut? 

I adored when Kaley Cuoco cut her hair into a pixie, it looked so sexy and fun on her. I loved Emma Watsons cut when she finished Harry Potter, and I cannot begin to tell you how many other beautiful ladies rock or have rocked, the short 'do... Miley Cyrus, Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, oh I could go on forever!! Also, I really enjoyed searching for "#pixiecut" tag on Instagram to find lovely pictures of ordinary ladies, also rocking the every day pixie!

6. Post a photo of your before and after!

Before (Mid February 2016)

After (End of March 2016)
7. Have you/will you try to grow out your hair again? 

The first time I grew it out slightly and cut it back to a pixie again to get rid of a horrendous dye job. The second time, I grew it out way past my shoulders and then cut it into a bob before I went and cut it this time. 

8. What is one thing you love and one thing you hate about having a pixie cut?

I love that I can just get up and put on my makeup and my hair is done with absolutely no effort on my part, I hate that people make assumptions about my sexuality or my personality, especially when they see my hair and my tattoos. Lads, I'm straight, I've got a lovely boyfriend. I'm also not an arrogant asshole and I'm just more colorful than the average Joe. I've got good manners, I'm friendly. My hair does not in any way void that. 

9. Word of advice for anyone who wants a pixie? 

Go for it, it's chic, it's girly, it can be badass and it's so liberating. If you think you need your long curly blonde hair to be beautiful, think again, you're beautiful no matter what!Also, if you really need to hear this, in the immortal words of Jenny from Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Hair grows. 

10. Tag your pixie pals! 

I don't think I have any friends who have pixie cuts, but I wish I did!! Come on ladies, join me on the short, chic side of life!

So there you have it, my Pixie Cut Tag! 

I hope you enjoyed this,and if you do this tag, please leave the link in the comments, I would love to read it!  


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Oldie But A Goodie #1

I've been getting into the music I used to adore as a teenager again, rediscovering old loves, and so I thought maybe I might share it with you all... I was a massive rocker in my mid to late teens, and lately I've been harking back to the old days, pining for my youth if you will!

Today I'm bringing you some absolute gold from the behemoths that are... Green Day!

Here's the title track from American Idiot, the first album I owned by them, and probably one of my favorites, though I do own the whole back catalog...

Top Lyric: "Everything isn't meant to be okay..."

I absolutely adored Green Day as a teenager, they were upbeat but punchy and I found they heavily influenced my style. My friend at the time was a huge fan of them, and she was a little bit in love with Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman. I can't say even now that I disagree, he was pretty charismatic back in the day.

Oldie But A Goodie is going to be a weekly thing, I hope, so please keep your eyes peeled for more of these in the future!