Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Getting Myself Grounded!*

A couple of weeks back, I was contacted by Sinead over at Yogandha, about testing out some of her products. When she mentioned to me in the email that they are a combination of beauty and wellness, I knew I was on board. Yogandha is rooted in the belief of the bringing about of instant mood changes by rich, evocative scents. It goes much deeper than just going from agitated to calm, from sad to happy, because there is some serious science behind it - neuroscience, in fact - but I'm not very science-minded.

I'm an anxious person. I get agitated and panicky very easily. It sounds like such a little, meaningless issue, but honestly, it can really make my life miserable. I avoid crowds, hospitals, medical procedures of any kind, confrontation with my peers and superiors alike and I'm very quiet - almost shy - when I'm around people I don't know. I have trouble sleeping, sometimes its so bad that I might only get to sleep when I'm with my boyfriend, or if I go to bed way earlier than everyone else. If anyone needs to be a bit more grounded, it's me!

Yogandha Ground contains Sandalwood and Frankincense, blended to create a sense of calm and reassurance, which is perfect if you've any sort of anxious tendencies. I find this scent to make me feel a sense of warmth and safety, as though you're near to someone who makes you feel secure, which is incredibly soothing to me. The scent from the oils is not overpowering, but it's apparent enough to be able to soothe you a couple of hours after you initially applied it.

The beauty of these oils is that they act as a perfume, with beautifully blended scents, but they actually do something to help you!! Instead of making you sneeze, they put you at ease! The rollerballs are tiny, perfect for your handbag, for some calm at any moment. They're also safe to take through airport security, which makes them perfect for travel nerves!

In all honesty, I keep this on me at all times now, I use it to calm myself in the GP waiting room, when I'm travelling (nothing freaks me out more than a packed Luas), and when I'm having trouble sleeping. It's going to be great for those of you who have to step out of your workplace for a few moments breather, for anyone who has to endure the crowd at a wedding or funeral or a bumpy plane ride, it's also going to do wonders for anyone who generally just feels anxious or worrisome.

Yogandha Ground is currently available for €14.95 HERE on their website! There is also a whole range of other rollerballs for a variety of different ends, to relax, to balance, to energise etc.

Have you ever tried Yogandha? Let me know what you think! 


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Yogandha Ground was sent to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.