Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Things They Dont Tell You About: Being Sick

Last week I was bedridden in my lovely boyfriends house for two days before I was able to cobble together the strength to get home and see a doctor about what was wrong. I was really weak, shaking, coughing un-controllably and had no appetite. Sounds like the flu, right? Wrong! I was the proud owner of a viral infection in my lungs that, had I left my sickness another day would have hospitalised me. Aren't I so lucky?! 

Over the week I learned some things about being sick and how to pass the time when you're not even allowed to go beyond your front door. 

1. You Can Be Productive! 

Doctors orders were to stay in bed, preferably, but not to leave the house, to take my tablets, under no circumstances get cold and just be a good patient, but I get bored and I need to be doing things, so I redesigned my blog, wrote some Mochas and Benny notes and tried to keep my head focused on doing things that would make me feel like I had done things of consequence. Just cause you're sick, my dear, doesn't mean you can't find a way to be useful even if it's just for yourself. 

2. You Are Sick, You're Allowed Be Sick. 

I needed a shower, I felt wretched but I needed a shower. I needed to do something that would perk me up physically and mentally, and I deemed a shower to be just the task! Ohhhh how wrong I was. 10 minutes in the shower, and 10 minutes getting dried and into clean jammies meant I had to sit down three times to regain my strength. Well, who knew I had an infection in my lungs and breathing is pretty important to any physical task. I ask ya!!! 

3. It's Gonna Bleed Into Your Life

On day 5, I broke out of the house to attend a pantomime. My first ever pantomime. I knew a ticket had been bought for me and I had promised my boyfriends brother that I would go and see him play the hero - Prince Valiant! So I had another ill-fated shower, I got my grown up "well people" clothes on, wrapped up and told everyone to screw off while I went to the panto. It was fabulous fun- except I had to bring my tablets, Broncho Stop pastilles, jellies to suck on and a drink so I didn't expel a lung when I inevitably coughed during the pivotal scene! 

4. Work Wont Miss You

This is the one I struggled with the most. I work in a busy bakery and my job is important to me, my cake fridges are important to me and I need to be working. I just need to be. So when I rang in sick the first day, I felt like crap in every regard and I was upset that I was letting other people down, When I rang the second day, my boyfriend offered to do it but I just texted work and told them I was very simply unable to be a human and that I was going to see my GP. The GP gave me a cert, made me take time off and I had to get on with the task of being sick. Turns out - work didn't even miss me, despite my bleary texts to management apologizing for leaving the boys in the turd. You can be sick, your work will understand - so stop worrying about it! 

5. Netflix is Bae! 

I watched plenty of absolute drivel over the course of 4 solid days in bed - GBF tops the list of crap though, it was a fun mindless watch. I also wasted a few brain cells on Eat, Pray, Love, though I admit I fell asleep before there was any praying or loving done!! What I found on Day 2 was Downton had new episodes and I loooooove Downton Abbey to death so I got to catch up and now I'm only one season behind, so if I hadn't been in bed sick, that wouldn't have happened. I also got to watch a lot of old movies I downloaded and rewatch The Gilmore Girls for about the 10,000th time! 

So there you have it, things you should know about being sick. I wont bore you with the details of my sickness beyond the fact that it was crap and all I have to show for it is a lovely new blog design and this blog post!! 

Xo, Amy