Monday, 15 February 2016

What's On My Vanity?

Some of my favorite things on YouTube are room tours, house tours, and collection videos. I'm such a nosy person when it comes to beauty stuff and interiors. It's a bit of a problem, to be honest. Anyways, today I'm coming to you with a post about my makeup area, where my army of products live in a vaguely organised manner.

On the top of my desk, I've got a little shallow box that I use to keep my every day skincare stuff in. I've a lot of Nivea products, some of which were kindly sent to me, and others I bought myself. I keep my two favorite face masks, Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance and No. 7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask on my desk at all times and within easy reach. I used to have my short travel brushes from Eco Tools in a shot glass but I'm clumsy and I broke the shot glass. Now they live in a little egg cup, and that does the job just fine! Just in front of that box I have my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, some Tea Tree Oil and my Celtic Collection Calming Serum.

To the right side of the big box of skin care, I've got my two Urban Decay Naked Palettes, 2 and 3. I've tucked in my Sleek Face Contour Kit alongside them just because the space was there and I use it every time I do my face. Beyond that, to the right again, I've my Muji Acrylic Storage for my brushes, and a little collection of nail polish, balm for my stretched ears and my sharpener.

Time to move onto my shelves and cubbies, but first - my mirror. I picked this No. 7 Lighted Mirror up in the Christmas Sales in Boots a couple of years ago and it's my ultimate beauty tool. If like me, you're blind and you need to see things extra zoomed in and lit from all angles, this is the mirror for you!! I did manage to let something fall onto it and crack the top of the mirror but it still works and I'm not really too fussed about it.

On the first shelf, I keep products I don't use that often but still want within reach, so I've got a cleansing oil, some Sudocrem, Surgical Spirit, a spare Nivea Bi Phase Eye Makeup Remover, some So...? perfume, and a little three drawer unit with things like tweezers and cuticle nippers and such in.

The middle shelf has my acrylic drawer set that I nabbed in TK Maxx last year. The top drawer is all of my favorite lipsticks, the second drawer is face stuff like spare blushes and palettes, and the bottom drawer is things I might find handy or need to complete a look, things like lash glue and NYX Jumbo Pencils and spare eyeliners.

The cubbies are pretty boring, I must admit. The left cubby is little bottles of perfume, and the right cubby is a small box from Tiger that houses cotton wool buds and my solid Blender Cleanser.

So there you have it, my vanity. I hope this was mildly enjoyable, and if not, I promise to make my next post something you will love!!