Wednesday, 17 February 2016

PS... The Perfect Pout from Penneys?

On a recent trip to Penneys I was browsing the beauty section, and I stumbled across their own brand lipsticks and liners. At first, I was going to go for the nude shades, since nude lips are all the range thanks to Kylie Jenner. But then I saw the red, and I couldn't be swayed. After all, I am Red Lips, Red Hair, aren't I?

I picked up the red PS Lip Liner Pencil, which sadly doesn't seem to have a shade name or number, and the PS Lipstick in Reddy Or Not. The liner was €1.50, and the lipstick was €1.30. I went into this blind, no swatching or anything. After all, for a total of €2.80, it's a safe bet to hedge.

As you can see in the swatches, the liner is a lovely, smooth, true red. The lipstick was more sheer than I was expecting, with a pink finish.... I was dubious, to say the least. Still, I persevered, even if the lipstick sucked, I'd still have the liner!

I lined my lips with the lovely red liner and filled them in. So far, so good. It went on smoothly, with a matte finish but not chalky or dry. I've used liners that cost five times as much, and didn't feel nearly as nice. To finish the lip, I took Reddy Or Not over the liner, and oh my god it's love. This is the perfect red. It's got a lovely satin finish with the lipstick over the top, and it feels so incredibly comfortable on. It wears nicely too, something I wasn't sure about considering the price tag.

I am so impressed with this liner and lippy combo. It's cheap, it's great quality, has a lovely finish and wears well, what more could you want for under €3?!