Friday, 19 February 2016

A Single Spotlight: Woven Skull

A few months back on a trip to Cork, I made my way into my favorite record store down in the Triskel Arts Centre - Plug'd, and went flipping through vinyl for an hour or so. On my adventure there, I naturally got chatting to the owner of this incredible little independent store and eventually I walked out with close to ten new records. Today I want to shine a single spotlight on one band in particular, who you probably have never heard of - Woven Skull.

"Minimal repetitions made inside of haunted woods and burning bogs", is the incredibly succinct tagline on Tumblr. This band make the most wonderful ethereal music, the likes of which up until last March I had never experienced before... Now though, I'm the proud owner of Lair Of The Glowing Bantling, which was released on Penske Records.

Everything about this band is wonderful, the music, the way they become an organic, single entity when they play on stage, it's all just so natural and in some ways I am mystified by it because it's unlike anything I've ever experienced. Don't ask me to pigeon hole this group into a single genre or sub-genre, because they cant be. This trio just...are.

I took a risk on Woven Skull the first time I heard them, and now I'm dying to get back to Cork, to Plug'd records to see if I can't lay hands to more of their exquisite work.

Check them out on Facebook, Bandcamp and Tumblr