Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Septum Piercing Experience & Clickers!

Wearing my everyday hinged sleeper 
I got my septum pierced a few months back, and it was a pretty scary prospect for me. I've got a few piercings, and they were all pretty painful. My conch ring was awful, took 16 months to heal and put me off cartilage forevermore, my nipple was sore as it was being done but it never bothers me much 8 months later. 

So I decided I was getting my septum pierced, and that it was going to be a solo adventure. In the past, I've always had somebody with me for moral support, and in the case of my nipple piercing, the person who came with me was getting the same thing done after me. So I was fine. But this time? I'd be alone... That was the scariest thought. So I took myself off to Dublin Ink and was seen by a lady piercer who made me feel so at ease from the minute I met her. 

When the needle went through, I was surprised, it pinched, but there was no outright pain like in past piercing experiences. She popped the barbell in and that was the piercing done! I healed it mostly flipped up and within a month it was fully healed. I was delighted. It cost me €25 as Dublin Ink do a special offer on all standard piercings. 

What I will say is that I have a tendency to wiggle my nose if it's itchy or I'm cold or anything, and doing that moved the piercing and that pain was horrific. That was the only pain I experienced with this piercing. 

Generally, I wear a hinged sleeper ring that I picked up in Wildcat North in it which is about 8mm in diameter, for a pretty unoffensive look. If I forget to put my retainer in when I go to work, this little hoop doesn't really get much negative feedback. 

Clickers are my loves though, I have a few, and I find them great for making a look more dramatic. I've picked up most of my clickers from Crazy Factory, which is a super cheap, good quality and reliable site for all things body mod related! My favorites are pictured below - silver with peridot, black with peridot, silver with aurora borealis stones, a mini moustache, my retainer for work, and some circular barbells with all kinds of balls for the ends. I picked up one crazy one in Wildcat South, a giant silver tribal style with clear stones. 

Clickers work on a hinge, so you pop it open, slide it though and then click it shut. They're cute and way less fiddly than ball closures or circular barbells. You can swap out a clicker without needing a mirror or endless patience the way you do when those little balls are involved!! 

Anyways, that my septum piercing experience and my favorite clickers for you. If you're thinking of getting a septum piercing, I say do it. They look great on everyone and they heal super fast with no awful pain. 


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