Tuesday, 23 February 2016

REVIEW Threads Lashes*

Not long ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at Threads, a false eyelash company based over in the UK. They create beautiful lashes ranging from the natural to dramatic and everything in between.

I was kindly sent two pairs of lashes, the ones I'm going to review are the Vava Voom, a wearable fluttery lash that you could take from day to night with ease!

Now, I adore false lashes, I love how they look on, the way they can take a look from glam to Oscars Awards Night in one swift move. There's just one problem. I am inept. Two halloweens ago it took me around 40 minutes to apply a set of falsies, from start to finish. When they were on though.... that look was fierce. Remembering that, I decided to at least try.

My first thought was that the band is a little on the thick side, as you can probably tell from the picture, and I generally try to opt for thinner banded lashes because they're meant to be a bit more beginner friendly. I was pleasantly surprised. The band was very flexible and easy to trim, making it easy to fit them to my eyes exactly.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I used my Duo Lash Adhesive instead of the little bottle that the lashes come with. I like to keep those little bottles of glue to take in a clutch on nights out, just in case! I'm the friend with hair pins, bobbins, a brush, my whole makeup collection and glue in their purse in the club!!

VaVaVoom Lashes in action
I trimmed the lashes from the outside, and I applied a thin strip of glue to the band. Here's where it gets tricky. I have 3 different lash applicator tools but I couldn't locate one. So I went in with my fingers for the base application, laying them down as close to the centre of my natural lash line as I could, and then took a tweezers to do the fiddly ends. Voila, one was done! I repeated the same process to the other eye, from trimming to application and I suddenly had these show stopper lashes that I couldn't stop flapping and fluttering.

What about the thick band? I hear you ask... Well that thick band didn't make it any more difficult than a pair of Eyelure 114's. It was flexible and light. Once you get used to the feel of glued on lashes pf any kind, you forget they're there and that's the same for these lovely lashes!

Overall, I'm pretty chuffed with these lashes. I might update you in a later post about the reuseability factor, how they hold up to being cleaned, etc.

Threads Lashes were kindly gifted to me for review, however you can pick them up on http://www.threadsbeauty.com/ for £9 a pair!

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