Sunday, 28 February 2016

Carry On Essentials

Another travel related post, kind of!

In two days I will be flying away to Amsterdam, and I've already covered my packing regime in THIS post. Today though, I'm going to cover what I carry on me, in a small backpack, as opposed to my suitcase.

Important Stuff First!

You're going to obviously need your passport, boarding passes, wallet and phone. These are so important. I try to  keep all of these together, and to do that, I'm a huge fan of my pink plastic pouch. You can pick them up in Easons for around €3. I picked up my pouch a while back. In this pouch I've managed to fit my Lonely Planet: Amsterdam travel guide, my passport, a pen and boarding passes. Sometimes I bring a little notebook too.

Essential Items!

In another little baggie, maybe a makeup pouch, I bring a lip balm, a foldable hair brush, bobbins, kirby grips, painkillers, migraine tablets and my rockstar eye mask. If you're prone to getting cold, you could bring some fuzzy socks.

Entertaining Yourself!

I like to bring my tech stuff in another pouch, so my iPod Classic, my (borrowed from my sister) camera, headphone splitter, charger cables, my external hard drive and earbuds. The reason I bring a headphone splitter and a HDD is because I am going to bring my tablet, and then if on the flight myself and himself want to watch a film, we can and we wont annoy anyone!

Maybe you might like to bring a book, or a magazine, a deck of cards or something else to entertain yourself on the plane.

Snacky Yum Yums!

Airports are notoriously expensive, and I'm not about to shell out 3 euro for a Twix. The only thing I really feel you have to buy in the airport is a drink. Take your snacks from home! Last time we few, I picked up a sandwich, and Dex made a sandwich. I feel like he got the better deal, to be honest. This time around I'll be taking some dried apricots, cranberry macadamia mix, dried mango and hopefully some wasabi peanuts from the Oriental Market in Dublin. You might like to bring Quest bars, maybe some homemade pasta, whatever snacks you like best...

Emergency Provisions

Igmore this if you're taking a case in the overhead luggage compartment, because there's no way that the airline can lose your bag. But, if you're heading off and you're checking a bag, please think about bringing some emergency bits and pieces. Get a small to medium sized makeup bag, pop in some underwear, a clean top, a pair of clean socks, your toothbrush and toothpaste and any other small bits you might need. Of course, if like me you're travelling with a cabin sized case, you wont have to worry about this.

So there's some things to consider, for your carry on bag at the airport. You don't need to bring a whole lot, and the Ryanair dimensions for the second item of luggage you're allowed in the cabin are pretty roomy. You shouldn't have any issue bringing everything you might need for the flight.