Monday, 29 February 2016

Looking Chic While Travelling

Planning what to wear for travelling can be tricky, because you want to be comfy, but you will probably want to be stylish so you can feel like a jet-set A-list starlet.

Ideally speaking you want to wear something easy to move in, that will keep you warm but with layers you can take off if you're too warm. I'm pretty sure I have this one all sewn up, so lets get into it! I've created a Polyvore set of the kind of outfit I intend to wear on the plane. 

I'm going to wear some stretchy, high waisted skinny jeans from Penney's, a white basic v-neck from H&M, a silver statement draped chain, my leather jacket that was a Christmas gift from my mum, sunflower Converse from Schuh, and a draped black and white scarf to complete the look, and keep warm if the flight is chilly. 

I have a black hoody to layer under the jacket too, but it wont be seen, so I didn't include it.  

I wont be doing much in the way of makeup before the flight, because we have to be up really early, like, 3am. I'll be bringing my makeup bag onto the plane and doing it in flight so I can look nice when we land! I love my red lipstick, so I'll be sure to add a pop of color with that! 

I'll be back in a few days with some travel posts recapping the trip, and my regular posting schedule will be back in full swing from next Monday, the 7th of March.