Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Red Lips Quick Travel Tips

Hey all! I'm coming at you with a quick post, giving you some last minute tips. You might already know this stuff, but since it's my last post before I go, it's worth being thorough. 

Photo: Consumed By Wander (www.consumedbywander.wordpress.com)
Before You Go 

Triple check the details. Seriously. Triple, quadruple, quintuple check when your flight is, when you're getting to the airport, make sure you have checked in online if you can, and you have your passport and boarding passes. Make sure you have photocopies of everything you need and put them in a place where you will have them but separate to the originals. Check that you have them again. Yes I know, I sound so naggy and I'm not your mum but I want you to actually be able to go to your destination.

Download a weather app. I picked Accu Weather, but there are dozens, and you can get them for all operating systems. The weather app will come in handy when you're packing, when you're picking your outfits day to day, and when you're planning your activities! 

Know what you can and can't take. Airport websites will all have a list of items prohibited, and a helpful guide to security regulations. Take ten minutes to read them, make a cup of tea and sit down to really go through it if you're not an experienced flier.

Set a second alarm. I had a conversation with a friend last week in which I told her that I had set an alarm to wake me to get up for my flight a full week in advance of that flight. I will probably set another alarm to go off in case the first alarm fails. And to be fair, my lovely boyfriend will probably set an alarm on both of his phones too. Sleep but don't oversleep.

On The Day

Don't try to bring your lovely glass bottle of water through TSA. Your bag will be pulled, it will hold everyone up. Just don't do it. Buy it in duty free. It might be a waste of €2 but it's worth it to save time and embarrassment at 5am when you want to nap at the boarding gate.

You might be asked to take off your shoes, so avoid your beloved 14 eye Doc Martens, opt for something less bulky. Personally, I got through TSA both in Dublin and in the UK with my Converse on. If you're wearing anything bulky, you're gonna have to put it through the xray machine. Toms would be a good option too, or any kind of plimsole, slip-on or maybe even sandals.

Pee before you get on the plane if you can. The plane toilets are yucky, I would much prefer to go in a real bathroom before I get up in the air. This also helps if you're inclined to be a nervous person, you might find it will make you feel more comfortable.

Don't get too flustered. One thing I didn't realize the last time I was in Dublin Airport was the sheer size of the place. It's huge. Don't let that intimidate you or make you flustered. There are staff everywhere, signs everywhere and plenty of people around who might be getting the same flight as you. Who knows, maybe if you ask that nice lady with her gran, she might point you in the right direction!!

When You Get There 

Enjoy yourself, take plenty of photos and try the local food. 

Have fun on your trip. Send me a postcard! 


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