Saturday, 12 March 2016

Penneys PS Treats - Bargain or Bull?

Recently, on a trip to Penneys Mary St, I picked up some bargain treats from the PS range. I spent less than €5 on these three items, and I'm going to give you my honest thoughts today!!

PS Fashion Nails - €1.50

In this little box, you get 36 nails, glue and instructions. I picked out the right width nail for each of my natural nails, pushed my cuticles back and trimmed them, lightly filed my natural nail, applied a decent blob of glue to the nail-bed, and then applied the false nail firmly, pressing each one in place for 10-ish seconds. When they were all applied, I took a nail scissors to them and trimmed them to a length I could deal with, filed them down to round off the sharp edges, and then painted them a deep blue black color. When they dried, I somehow got the notion into my head to deep clean my room, and in doing so moved every stick of furniture to get the job done. Not a single nail was lost. The next day, I delved into my desk, product collection and bookcase, to really go through it with a fine tooth comb and once again, my nails were perfect!! Perhaps that was down to the amount of glue I used, but honestly, I think these nails are really resilient.

I'm seriously chuffed with them. I've had people ask me if they are gel or acrylic, and when I've said "Penneys finest!!" there has been gasps of "...No!! Really?!". Yes. Really.

PS Face Treats Dark Circle Reducer - €1.50

I have to say, these didn't make a huge impression on me, but they did feel quite cooling and relaxing on. They're sort of squishy and feel like they would be super moisturizing on, but overall they're just...meh! As far as brightening goes, they didn't do a whole lot but I would really enjoy them if I was after having a rough night and needing some TLC on your puffy eye situation. For the price point, they are lovely as a cooling treat, but don't expect them to work miracles. If you want bright under eyes, get a highlighting concealer.

PS Feet Treats Scrub and Lotion - €1.50 

This foot treatment was lovely. It was exfoliating and made my feet so soft, and the foot cream smelled so nice. I popped my feet into a basin to use the scrub, and I used an exfoliation glove to boost the scrubby quality on the soles of my feet. It really made my feet feel so wonderfully soft. When I applied the foot cream, it made my skin feel really cool but smoother and more supple. This is definitely worth investing in every few weeks especially coming into sandal weather!

Overall, I thought these products were a lovely treat for very little money and I really think that it's worth taking even €10 out of your budget and picking up a few treats every month or so, just to remind yourself to have some "you" time, even if it's only the time it takes to glue on a new false manicure or scrub your feet so you can wear new sandals.

Amy x