Friday, 18 March 2016

Crazy Factory Mini Haul

Since I've started seriously modifying myself (stretched ears, multiple piercings) I've been using Crazy Factory to pick up a lot of my jewelry, though to be fair, I have been wearing tunnels and nothing more until now, since I was trying to get to my goal size. 

So I went on Crazy Factory last week and picked up a few little bits, and I'm going to show you them today! There will be clickable links to all the items, so if you want them, you can find them easily! This post isn't sponsored or supplied by Crazy Factory, I just really like them, they're very affordable and they do great stuff! 

First, I picked up some plain steel single flare tunnels in 10mm (00g) with black O-rings. They were €1.39 each, and obviously I needed two, so the total was €2.78. You can find them HERE 

Then I picked up a silver septum clicker with clear stones, the bar that goes through the piercing s 1.2mm and the jewelry is 7mm in diameter, for a nice snug fit on my tiny hobbit nose. I have the exact same style of clicker in blackline with peridot stones and I love it, but I wanted something that would go with everything. I only ordered one, but they sent me two, so I don't know what to do with the spare. If you have your septum pierced and you want the extra one, tweet me @redlips_redhair and I'll send it to you! You can find it HERE for €4.49, and there are a bunch of stone color options to choose from! 

Finally, I picked up the coolest plugs I've ever seen, glass spirals! I got them in a turquoise color, because I'm a creature of habit and I'm very aware of the colors that suit my skintone and hair. The cool thing about these plugs is that you have to order one for the left and one for the right, since they're made to sit a certain way in your ear. Find the LEFT HERE and the RIGHT HERE. Each one was €4.99 and there are four colors to choose from! 

So that's my little mini haul from Crazy Factory, I am a huge fan of this store, it's super reasonable price-wise, the shipping isn't extortionate (over a certain price is free, actually!!) and it arrives super quick. You can also earn Crazy Cash points on your purchases to redeem against orders. 

Find Crazy Factory on and on twitter @CF_Piercings!