Thursday, 31 March 2016

Becoming A Pixie @ Peter Mark, South William St

Last week, I got a pixie cut in The Style Club in Peter Mark South William St. I actually sat as a model for a stylist in training, who was completing her final exam. I was allowed to pretty much ask for anything I wanted, and since I've been wanting to get a short hair cut again for a while, I opted for a pixie style cut.

Before we go any further, no I didn't get my hair cut because of a man, or to make any statement, I got it because I hated my long hair and I was wearing it up off my face anyways. I was toying with it for a while, thinking about an undercut, shaving it off entirely, and then I saw the Instagram feed of Nothing But Pixies and I knew that was the direction I was headed.

Aimee was my stylist and I pretty much just gave her some pictures of styles I liked, but let her do her own thing. I'm very much an advocate of letting the people who are good at what they do just do their thing. I will of course give some input, but for the most part, once I get what I want, I'm cool to let people have free reign.

So. Pixie cut. We started with washing my hair and cutting in the basic shape, and then we got to tinting. I knew there would be some color done, as that was part of the exam, and to be honest I was terrified because I love my ginger locks, but Aimee assured me it would be a temporary tint, and it wouldn't be drastic in the least. She bleached in some ballyage into my fringe, and let that process. When it had lightened my hair a slight bit, she applied the Chromia (I think) Colour Pop in a custom blend, which basically just brightened my natural shade. The tint will wash out in 8 ish washes, is non damaging and giiirl, it smelled straight up like mango! Delish!!

When I was all rinsed and back in the chair, Aimee got down to the serious chopping, evening out my layers and making me look beautiful. Then she dried my hair and styled it and trimmed it into its final form, and I was done!

I'm absolutely in love with it, it's so well executed and I've had so many compliments on it already!

Thank you so much to Aimee for letting me be her model for her exam! 

So... What do you think?