Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Oldie But A Goodie #2

I'm going to apologize now, because I know even as I write this, most weeks, this is going to be a post of relatively heavy rock music. I am aware I am going to alienate a lot of readers, but I can't help myself, this is so fun for me, rediscovering bands I had forgotten about. Like this one....

Some weeks back I was in Tower Records with Dex, and he mentioned Stone Sour, after confusing them with another band, and since then I'm rediscovering them in a big way. Stone Sour are a side project of Slipknot, which were one of my favorite bands, back in the day... Not so much now.

I give you.... 30/30-150

Top Lyric: "I don't wanna have it all, I just wanna have enough...."

I can't believe I forgot about this band, honestly, they're great. I've been listening back and recalling some great memories, which I think is what I want this segment to be about. 

Happy Listening,