Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Oldie But A Goodie #5

This literally just came up in a YouTube shuffle playlist, and I had to give honorable mentions to this song, and this band along with it. I have to lay it on the line though, I haven't heard a lot of Paramore or new stuff, it's just passed me by somehow...

I was a little bit in love with Hayley Williams back in the day, and this song just reminds me with as much passion now as it did then, of why I loved her so! I saw Paramore years back and somehow despite the experience being tainted by my very first panic attack, it was still a show I remember fondly...

This song just reminds me of how it felt to realize that changing isn't a bad thing and leaving "friends" behind that don't approve of that change behind is sometimes a good thing. It also reminds me of breaking up with my first boyfriend, cutting my hair and realizing that nobody has the right to dictate to me who I am or ought to be.

Top Lyric: "This is the best thing that could've happened, any longer, and I wouldn't have made it..."

Anyways, I apologize for the overshare, but I hope you enjoyed this weeks Oldie But A Goodie! If you have any suggestions, do please let me know!