Monday, 16 May 2016

My Permanent Makeup Experience* (Part 1 of 2)

When I was 16 my eyebrows were absolutely shameful, between years of over plucking and trying to grow them out to emulate my ultimate girl crush Cara Delevigne, I tried waxing, threading, careful tweezing, embracing the natural look, tinting, pencils powders and every other product under the sun. The concept of Permanent Makeup had been floating about on my radar online, mentioned in YouTube videos, articles and blogs, but up until a few weeks ago, I had never given it proper consideration. That's when Olena came into my life! She's a Permanent Make Up and Aesthetic Skin Care Specialist. I took this as a sign, my poor little brows were to be saved!

My face, no makeup, with the most pathetic brows.
This was taken on March 3rd in Amsterdam. 
My issue with my brows wasn't that they were thinning, it was how uneven they were! One always looked good and the other one was pathetic. I would make sure my fringe hid the sad pathetic brow and showed off the decent one! Funny, really, if you think about it. They were also always brown because I could never find a product to suit my pigmentation. It's also worth noting that absolutely anyone can get beautiful, natural looking brows with Olenas technique, I have seen some incredible before and after shots of Alopecia sufferers, who had no brows whatsoever beforehand, and afterwards had the most wonderful, natural looking finished brows.

So. My experience. I opted to have my work done in Dublin, and I arrived really early, in true Amy style! When  I arrived I read and signed a long form with all of the fine details on it, had some chats and then we got started. I sat up on a chair facing directly forward and Olena got started freehanding the guide marks. This process took about 30-40 minutes, all in all, with lots of checking and rechecking, as well as talking and laughing and making faces to determine the angles and lines. This makes sure that your brows are perfectly placed, so they work with every expression, every moment of every day.

Stencils (ignore my dopey face)
Once the guides were perfected, Olena mixed the ink. Yes, ink! She created a custom shade that we were both happy with and got to the business at hand, The machine she uses is not too dissimilar to a tattoo gun, just more compact and not as noisy. The sensation of the needle on the skin is equal to that of a tattoo, but it does make you want to sneeze a little - mind you, it's not enough to make you actually sneeze, so don't worry. After the first few minutes, Olena applied a topical numbing ointment. This made the whole appointment fly by, without any dwelling on the discomfort. Then, in a flash, it was all over, and it was time for the great reveal,

Getting Started! 
I was stunned and delighted to see how natural they looked! My first words were "Oh my god, Olena they're amazing, and they're ginger!!". They really look incredibly natural, yet bold and defined without being overpowering. So far I'm only two days into healing, and I'll get more into that when they're all healed and I've been for my second appointment. So far, I am incredibly impressed, and I can see how it's so popular with women the world over. These brows make me feel bulletproof!

Almost finished! 
The cool thing about Olena is that not only does she do amazing brows, but she also does a whole plethora of other permanent makeup applications. Eyeliner, lippie, the works! I've added a link HERE to a gallery of all the before and after shots, so you can see the incredible work that Olena is a master of.

Immediately after the initial session!
Two days after the first session, brows looking incredible with absolutely NO product or makeup applied to them.
Obviously I am wearing a full face but there is nothing applied to my brow area, 

As you know, I don't push products or services I wouldn't willingly take on myself. I wouldn't rave about something I don't genuinely feel excited and enthusiastic about! Permanent Makeup by Olena is one of the best things I've ever had the pleasure of being asked to review, I hope you enjoyed this first installment of my experience. 


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*I was invited to try Permanent Makeup by Olena herself with no fee. My opinions are my own.