Sunday, 29 May 2016

Review - Loreal Studio Pro Range

Morning All!!

Today I'm coming to you with a review (I know, right?!) of the Loreal Studio Pro products I picked up a few weeks back. I picked up the Boost It Mousse, and the Lock It Hair Spray. I was intrigued by the whole range because Loreal claim the Studio Pro line has a "double hold formula", so I had to try and see, didn't I?

First of all, can we take a moment for the packaging, please? I adore the yellow and black design, it's so eye catching and incredibly cheery. I love how it stands out among all my products, it makes it easier to find them while I'm half blind coming out of the shower.

Boost It!! 

Mousse isn't something I generally used when I had longer hair, and to be completely honest, I'm not sure why, as now I feel I couldn't live without it. It boosts the volume of my hair quite a lot, and adds a good bit of hold along with it, which if you're not about that serious hold life, would probably do you!

I apply a small blob of this to towel dried hair, go through with my Tangle Teezer and then blow dry it. I start by drying the sides of my hair to keep them sleek and looking lovely, then I lift my hair up and dry it at the root for extra lift. My hair sort of sweeps over and across my eyes, so I use a round brush to direct the hair to lay where I want it.

I don't find this mousse leaves any sticky residue if you are mindful about how much you need, obviously if you overdo it, you're gonna have a crunchy, sticky head of hair. I find it incredibly light and the claims of double lift definitely have some grounding to them. Even when I slept on my hair, I found the next day if I just ran my hand through near the roots, the lift was still there.

You can find Boost It Mousse HERE

Lock It!!

I think I've found Mr Right and he's actually a can of hairspray!! I picked this up in the strongest hold, number 5 - Ultra Strong, and it's incredible. It's not crunchy or crispy in the slightest and yet it holds my hair incredibly. It's also not offensive with it's scent, a point which I'd like to make because my beloved Elnette has an overpowering whiff by comparison.

I mess my hair a little, spray a little, and repeat until my hair is where I want it. It's honestly that easy. It's also worth mentioning that I haven't noticed a build up or any kind of residue, which is incredible because I was my hair every other day.

You can find Lock It Hairspray HERE

Have you tried any of the Loreal Studio Pro range?