Friday, 10 June 2016

ABC, Artistry* Bronzed Contour!

When the Artistry Exact Fit Foundation sample popped through my letterbox, I was caught a bit on the back foot. The shade was slightly too golden for my pasty skin. How was I going to make this work? Lightening drops didn't do it, and I'm not much of a tanner these days. The bottle sat on my desk, staring at me for weeks!! Then inspiration struck. I could create a bronzed, glowy look, inspired by all the great weather we've been having!

I applied my regular foundation to my skin with a slightly heavier hand than usual and a damp sponge. I then took a pump of the Artistry Exact Fit foundation and a RT Buffing Brush to apply a small amount of product on the perimeters of my face, and blended it with my regular foundation in small circular motions. Then I went back in with the clean side of my sponge and hazed out the blend.

I opted not to set the product too much so I very lightly dusted some Sheer Loose Powder over the foundations and left it at that. What I was going for was a dewy, glowy, sun-kissed look. By blending the golden Artistry foundation with my regular foundation on my face, I was able to target the areas of the face that would naturally become sun-kissed. This allowed the paler foundation to act as a highlight, which basically meant I was able to skip out on contouring and highlighting as a separate step.

To complete this look you could do any eye look, from a deep smokey, to a bronzed look. A bright lip is all you need to make this gorgeous look pop! 


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I was kindly gifted this sample for review purposes, all opinions are my own.