Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Catrice Glam & Doll Eyeliner Pen

Last week, I found myself stuck, with no felt tip eyeliner and I was pretty mad about it. I love felt tip liners, they're easy to use and they don't make a mess. So when I went to apply liner, and found the marker tip all dried up, leaving me to use actual liquid liner? I had to hotfoot it out to my local pharmacy to get a replacement. Pronto!

I picked up this Catrice Glam & Doll Super Black Liner Pen in an Adrian Dunne pharmacy in Trim. I looked at every stand twice over and swatched every liner I could find, eventually opting for this one. I didn't know at the time of purchase that it was marketed as "super black", but I did notice that it swatched much more black than other liners. Another thing I noticed was the tip, which is a "tulip" shape, with a really fine point.

The tip of this liner is flexible but really precise, and after my first use, it was pretty much love. I was able to create a fine line in the inner corner with the tip, flatten the tip to my lid in order to thicken it towards the outer corner and then create a sharp flick with the tip again - all on my first application. YAS! The liner itself, is super super black, which is incredible. It dries quickly and down to a matte finish, which is all I ever want in a liner, so I was a happy bunny when I discovered this.

Overall, the liner lasts pretty well, it's not waterproof (and I am a crier) but that's okay, it's cheap as chips, and it's easy to use! For €3.49, the quality in unsurpassed and I will be repurchasing!

Catrice can be found in most decent Penneys and chemists nationwide!

Amy xx