Saturday, 22 October 2016

Vintage Shopping Tips

This season, I'm obsessed with vintage shopping! I just want to dig through second hand shops, trawl vintage stores and snag bargains galore! I'm always digging through my local charity shop, keeping an eagle eye out in Dublin and when I go to Cork, I would allocate a whole day to vintage shopping on every trip!


From records, to shoes, to coats, to accessories, I just adore rooting around, being nosey, finding gems! I've been lucky enough through the years to find some great designer brands, snag some new items with the tags still on for half of the price. Even in Paris, I had my roving eye always keeping a look out. So today, I'll be bringing you my tips for thrifting.

Have A General Idea Of Things You Want 

In my head, I have a list of things I want from season to season. This season, the first thing I wanted was a pair of white Doc Martens, and I snagged a pair on E-Bay for a fraction of the price. They're slightly scuffed and what I refer to as "pre-loved" but they're perfect, they fit well and they're the genuine article. When you're shopping, know what you want, but don't set your bar too high. If you go into a shop saying you only want to buy a pair of Levi Mom Jeans, you're going to miss out on that great pair of GAP Retro Fit jeans on the rail, just because you psyched yourself out of any alternatives. Know you want Mom Jeans? Just stick with that, and you're guaranteed to find a bargain! In case you can't tell, I really want to pick up some Mom Jeans on my next trip!

Know Your Budget 

Thrifting is pretty budget friendly, but that doesn't mean you should go on a huge spender-bender! Just like shopping in the likes of Penneys, Topshop, New Look, you should have a  budget. Keep yourself in check, or know that you've got a cushion of however much in case you stumble across a vintage Chanel that you just cant leave behind! Knowing your budget is going to help you out, I promise!

Bring A Friend Along

I love digging around on my own, on a rainy day, but shopping is always more fun with a friend. Bring someone whose opinion you trust and value. Better still, if they're on the hunt for something too, then you can act as an extra pair of eyes for each other... Teamwork!! It will make the rooting more productive feeling if you can find a gem of a silk blouse for your friend even if you can't find that bomber jacket you've been craving.

My Top Pick Of Vintage Shops 

Eager Beaver, Temple Bar - An absolute treasure trove of pre-loved gems. A great spot for leather jackets and Doc Martens.
Blackrock Market, Blackrock - Hop on a 7, go to Blackrock of a Saturday or Sunday, and thank me later. Everything from vinyl, to furniture, to clothes and great food!
Siopaella, Templebar - Designer and name brand beauties at a fraction of the cost? Whats not to love?
Tola Vintage, Fownes St, Templebar - If you prefer to do your vintage mooching online, Tola Vintage has a great online store! Find it HERE

So there you have it, my tips for vintage shopping! Have you any tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!