Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Red Recommendations - New Music Finds

Recently, I've been insatiably hungry for new music, and as a result, I've found so many great new artists to bop to. It's funny, I used to be constantly taking in music and then I went to college and it all fell to bits. I guess I didn't have time, but now I do and I'm like a sponge for new artists. Here we go.

Nahko And Medicine For The People

Oh my god, this guy and this band just speaks to my soul on a level I cannot put into words. They're so positive, so happy, so earthy. Nahko Bear is an absolute visionary, and even to read the lyrics written down without music is like reading a wonderful story in every song. "You got the keys, but I'll never keep my door locked, you can always come right in...", seriously, what an incredible lyric.

If you do one thing today, just give this song 8 mins to change your life, I promise you it's worth it...

Royal Deluxe

I take no credit for finding these on my own, they were brought to my attention by Dex, and they're just mighty! I've a wide taste in my ear jams, from folky beats like Nahko, to huge atmospheric rock and roll behemoths like this band. If you like your music to evoke certain feelings of bad-assery, these will suit you down to the ground. "I would kill again to keep from doing time, You should never trust my kind". Bad. Ass.

I seriously just see Tom Keen from The Blacklist when I hear this band, in the best way!

I'm going to space these posts out, and make them a series as new music I love finds its way into my life. I hope you find something you like, and share your new finds in the comments for others to share.