Friday, 30 June 2017

How I Stay Organised

Getting organised has been a serious journey I've been on since January - My New Years Resolution was to make more of an effort to be productive. Productivity and organisation go hand in hand. Today I'm going to talk you through my organisation tips and what I've learned to help productivity.
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Prioritise Your Time

Decide what's important, and make sure you have time allocated. I block in time for college, study, writing, training. I delegate particular tasks to particular blocks of time. If I have to be in the college library, I'll get all the things done in the library that I possibly can, in order to eliminate those tasks for as far into the future as I can - realistically that's about a week at most.

Be Open To Change 

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At first, I was a staunch advocate of the FiloFax, but over time, I've been leaning more towards digital. Google Calendar has a great functionality, which I can access from my phone, or either of my laptops. I color coordinate to a few different uses so I know at a glance what is on the agenda. I also make written lists for tasks, day to day. So if on a Friday I've blocked in time to get tasks done, I've a hard list I can cross things off, and I don't have to be glued to my phone. This makes me feel more productive and spurs me on.

Block In Time Off 

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I've a weekend away coming up, and I've the whole weekend blocked out. This means that I can't double book myself. I always make sure that Wednesday is never booked unless it's unavoidable. Wednesday is my day to do anything I want to do, from cleaning, to watching TV. Generally I get to write blog posts on a Wednesday. For me, that's down time. That's not time for anyone else, just me.

So there are some of my tips to staying organised. If I didn't have these working in my daily life, plus the time management effectiveness of Google Calendar, I'd be a big ball of stress and nothing would be done.
I hope this helps,
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Red Letters... Cork

Dear Cork,

How can I begin to explain how much I adore you? You've always been a place of peace, safety, joy. The comfort I feel with you, it's unparalleled. When things seem bleak, unhappy, scary, I turn to you. Cork, you've always got friends, food and laughter waiting for me. There's been so much great food eaten with you over the years, so many bottles of wine, and more adventures than I could ever relay in a letter. You've brought me joy and safety in a way I've never felt with any other city.

When I'm visiting you, I fill up on vintage shopping, book stores and crafting. I eat great food and watch old movies with old friends and new friends alike. I stay up til the wee hours having deep conversations with new friends, learning about who I was, who I am and who I want to be. So much has happened that you've been witness to, many drunken fits of laughter, sporting achievements, running a 5k in the midst of a dual-ended road trip, the list goes on, but you know that.

Then I pick up, and I head out to see the sea, down to Crosshaven, or out to Myrtleville, and I feel so small, and yet so big at the same time. Standing on the edge of the county, pink converse contrasting against the navy and grey pebble beach, looking out at the ships, there is no place on earth that I would rather be. I support two teams, Meath and you, Cork, which caught me by surprise. I'm not much for GAA, and yet I own a hoody in your colors. That's how much I love you.

When I say your name, I say it as you would, with that musical twang, with that funny accent that always makes me smile. Cork, its fair to say I cannot imagine my life without you in it, and I don't want to have to do that. No distance is too great to get to you.

I'll be back with you soon,

All my love,