Monday, 23 January 2017

Making 2017 My Year - The FiloFax

Getting organised can be a bit of a nightmare, and I admit, it's quite an undertaking. I am a huge lover of clearing out and getting on top of things, but it rarely lasts long, hence why I clear out my wardrobe every six months!!  One of my resolutions was to get myself organised, and originally I was going to buy a Paperchase FiloFax, but I couldn't justify the €40 price tag. Then on a weekend grocery shop with Himself, I spotted a small, black leather FiloFax lookalike in Lidl for €5. I couldn't leave it behind, because not only is there a 2017 calendar, but it also came with a 2018 calendar too, making it fantastic value for money, two years for a fiver? Grand job!


I've been getting myself organised since I bought it, and so far it's been working great. I've customized it somewhat, with file tabs and post it notes. When I bought it, it was very much an effort of "I need to get my life together" but now that I'm going back to college, it's becoming a more intrinsic part of my life. It's gone from being an option to a necessity. On a Monday morning, usually on the bus or over a cup of tea, I've been sitting down to plan my week out, and add any appointments further out in time. I use the post it's notes to write extra info on, like phone numbers, lists and reminders.

My beloved Lidl Filo, my Post-It's and my specs!!

The FiloFax is going to prove very useful in the coming months, with assignment deadlines and the likes looming over me. I'm also promising myself that I will spend as much time in the library as possible on a Friday or a Monday as I can, and having a tool like the FiloFax will really help me to get my time allotted correctly. It will allow me to keep track of applications for internships and jobs too!

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Have you got a Filo or do you prefer another way of organising yourself? 
Let me know!!