Monday, 17 April 2017

Tips For Self Care

My name is Amy, and, to my detriment, I am a fan of the word "Yes". I will always try to do as many things as I can, for as many people as I can. I put myself under immense pressure, across college, career paths, friends, sports, my relationship and personal obligations. I have only recently learned the word "balance" and even more recently have I come to know and enjoy the act of "self care".

So, with that in mind, I will talk you through my tips for self care.

Book Time For Yourself


If you take no other advice from me, please just do this one thing. When I look at my Google Calendar, I am acutely aware of how busy I am. By booking in time for yourself, you are making a positive choice for your self care regime. If that hour if filled with eating bread, or going for a swim, or tea with a friend, then you've made good use of it for your personal reasons, and that's the only thing that matters. Personally, I make sure to have some personal time for a bubble bath with Netflix, an hour for tea with a friend, and time to spend with Dex. If nothing else, I get some regular, bite-sized chunks of time and that way, I don't feel so overwhelmed when I'm going to bed late and up early, day in and day out.

Take Time For Cathartic Things

I find so much peace in methodical tasks, which is why when I need to take some time for me, I tend to cook and clean. Call me a 50's housewife if you want, but it makes me feel so much better. Not only in the moment, but when I've cooked enough mac and cheese to stock my boyfriends freezer for multiple dinners to come, and left my house looking like a cover off House And Home magazine, the feeling of relaxation and contentment sticks around far longer than just the moment!


Take up a sport, go to the gym, run, whatever. Take time for your body. Personally for me, running was the best thing I could do. Every time I took myself out for a run, however short or long, I felt better. If you've thoughts to pick through, or you need to relax, running can be a great help.


Pamper Yourself 

I don't mean book a massage, but if you want to do that, then be my guest!! Take an hour off for yourself, take a long shower, exfoliate, do a face pack, make a fuss of yourself. This is the kind of self care it can be even more effective to share with a friend over a glass of vino.

So how do I implement Self Care?

I take myself out for coffee, I run myself super hot bubble baths and watch Riverdale on a Friday, I cook, I do laundry (it sounds wierd, but I love it). I indulge in my one passion project that doesn't have anything to do with my career path or sporting life - Scientology documentaries/books. I rope Dex into doing nose-strips and face packs, and every once in a while when I have the time, I take to my bed for a day to watch movies and eat tortilla chips with nacho cheese dip!

Doing the things that make you happy, that take the stress away in that moment, that's SO important. You are important. The things that make your life better are important. Do more of them.

If you're a fan of self care, let me know your recommendations for things to do in the comments!