Friday, 28 July 2017

I Can See Clearly Now... feat. Glasses Shop**

picture of myself (amy) wearing clear glasses from glasses shop and holding a take away coffee

It's no secret at this point, if you've been following me for even five minutes, that I love being an eyeglasses wearer. I am a huge fan of glasses as accessories, as well as for correcting poor vision. This is why I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for glasses online - it's too expensive to be buying multiple pairs of specs in my local opticians.

Flat lay of clear glasses from Glasses shop dot com

One thing I really like is weird glasses, from over-size to floral to bright colors. The more odd and off-kilter, the more I love them! So this time around, when Glasses Shop got in touch and asked me if I would like to review a pair of glasses from their new range, I said "Heck yeah!!" and here we are!

I picked the Park Oval in the Crystal option - a matte, frosted but almost see-through frame. They're more understated than a lot of frames I own, which is part of the reason I like them! I can wear these with a slightly more dramatic makeup look and know they work together.

Clear glasses from Glasses Shop dot com with arms unfolded

These frames are lightweight and flexible, as well as looking very chic on the face. I like to wear them with a light base, bold liner and a neutral lip, for an understated look, however as I mentioned earlier, I know they will stand up to a more bold, night-appropriate look too!

These frames are my favorite of every pair I own, and of the three pairs I own from Glasses Shop, they have been on my face every day since I got them, ousting every other pair AND my contact lenses to boot!

If you would like to get your own pair of amazing quality frames from Glasses Shop, I've been given a coupon code for you lovely readers! Use the code GSHOT50 to get 50% off your chosen frames and your scrip added to the frame for free!


If you've already got a pair of well fitting glasses from your local opticians, have a look inside the arms for the measurements, which will look like "50-20-145" and use this as a guide to help you pick a pair of correctly sized frames from Glasses Shop, which have every size and measurement noted on each listing! Handy!! 

What do you think of my new specs? Do you love them  or loathe them?? 

Let me know!! 


**Glasses Shop kindly provided these frames for free for review purposes but this post is all my own opinion and was in no way influenced by the Glasses Shop team. The links included are not affiliate links. **