Wednesday, 20 September 2017

My 12mm and 14mm Plug Collection

In my last post, I waxed lyrical about how I look after my stretched ears, and today I'm here to show you what beautiful things I wear in them. I try to buy as much as I can in my local piercing shops, but as you can see, I am a big fan of the online store Crazy Factory. This post isn't sponsored, I just really really like Crazy Factory, and I wanted to share my collection. I've been waiting for my most recent order from Crazy Factory to arrive so I could write this post, actually.

I'm going to show you my 12mm and 14mm collections because I'm proud of both collections as they stand. I am presently wearing 14mm jewelry and all my 14mm plugs are stone except for one pair of stainless steel tunnels which aren't pictured because they look exactly like the 12mm ones - just bigger!

NOTE: For all the gauge size users reading this, 12mm is 1/2" and 14mm is 9/16".


Stainless Steel Tunnels: Wildcat Ink North 

Flowery Acrylic Tunnels: Wildcat Ink South 

Clear Silicone Tunnels: Crazy Factory 

Red and Green Foil Finish Acrylic Plugs: Crazy Factory 

Blue Stone Plugs: Crazy Factory 

Glass Plugs: Crazy Factory 

Opalite Plugs: Wildcat Ink North 


Opalite Tunnels: Wildacat Ink North

Sparkly Black Stone Plugs: Crazy Factory

Rose Quartz Plugs: Crazy Factory

Glow In The Dark Glass Plugs: Crazy Factory

Tigers Eye Single Flare Plug: Crazy Factory

BONUS!!! Handmade Pyrite Dangles/Hangers

I made these Pyrite hangers for wearing with fancier outfits, and I'm in love!! They've a T-bar closure for ease and a little extra detail.

So there you have it! My plug and tunnel collection in all its glory! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did I would love to hear which pair or pairs you thought were the prettiest in the comment section! 


None of the plugs in this post were gifted, provided for review or anything else. I parted with a lot of cash for these!