Saturday, 1 December 2018

TTDTYA - Owning a FitBit

Something I have always wanted is a Fitbit, but it was always more of a nice thought, an arbitrary piece of kit I was never really going to buy for myself. Really, I was enamored by the idea of a FitBit, taken by the notion of tracking my fitness and everything else.

The thing is, I haven't shot my bow in a year, I haven't been out for a run in about the same, and I knew in my heart I would never buy one so long as I was so unmotivated in my sporting/fitness life.

Then I was given one. And my life is changed.

Here are all the things they don't tell you about owning a Fitbit.

You'll Be Suspicious At First.

When you first get it, you will be unsure, and a little suspicious. What can this gadget really do for you? How great can this glorified bracelet be? Is it really all that? Is it seriously waterproof??

Eventually, You'll Warm To It 

You'll charge it, set it up, install the app, and put it on your wrist. Then you'll forget about it for a while. You'll look at the app after a couple of days and see your sleep, your steps, any other activities, and you'll suddenly be enamored by it. After a few more days, you'll have started to set goals and see your habits starting to come to the fore. That's when you'll start to think, "This Fitbit malarkey is actually grand!!".

By this time, you'll have forgotten about it and worn it into the shower, or while you've done the dishes, and you'll begin to accept the waterproof nature of your new gadget.

It Will Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Life

By now, you'll trust yourself to wear it into the shower, and you'll have it on while you sleep, so you'll have started to see a clear picture of your fitness and your health habits. You'll check the app a couple of times a day, and each time, be more and more impressed with the information it gives you. Oh, you slept for 6 hours? But you were restless around 4am for 17 minutes? Well, bed earlier next time so!

You'll Regain Lost Motivation 

I used to run competitively, I was always out pounding the pavements and hitting the gym. That has not been the case recently. My FitBit has helped me with that. Because I've been wearing it every day, when I cycle to work or walk my housemate's dog in the evenings, it has helped me to slowly recover my goals. I've been slacking, and I know it. Now my FitBit holds me accountable. There is no denying the cold hard fact

When Your FitBit Needs To Be Charged, You'll Be Grumpy. 

It only takes a couple of hours to charge my Fitbit, but when I've got to take it off and plug it in, I'm not an impressed camper! I tend to charge it in work, where I'm sitting, and won't need to worry about my logs being inaccurate. Charging it is necessary, but it annoys me to no end!

You'll Want A Band To Go With Every Outfit 

One thing I've started to do is shop around for pendants and bands to put the FitBit into. Fancy looking bangles, pendants, and the silicone straps in every color. I'm going to wind up with a strap to match every outfit on a day to day basis and a fancy pendant to put it in to wear out to events. You'll become obsessed - unless you're into the "all black everything" aesthetic. Probably even then!

So there you have it! My list of things that they dont tell you about owning a Fitbit! 

Are there any things I've missed? Tell me in the comments below!! 

Amy x